A protest meeting was held in London over the killing of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami activist by police in Bangladesh

On March 2, 2020, a Jamaat activist Hafez Nazrul Islam was shot dead in police custody in Amanulahpur village of Begamganj Upazila in Noakhali district in Bangladesh. On 05 March 2020, I in the initiative of London-based human rights organization ‘Stand for Bangladesh’, set up a protest meeting in east London.
I, Mohammad Mazharul Islam Bhayan have chaired as a Chairman of the organization. 

I condemn the attack on the National Daily Sangram editor Abul Asad

I, Mohammad Mazharul Islam Bhayan have arranged an Intellectual Seminar on ‘Human Rights: Context Bangladesh’ was held on February 20, in the initiative of ‘Stand for Bangladesh, a London-based human rights organization founded by Bangladeshi migrant youth in the country.I have chaired as a chairman of Stand for Bangladesh. Besides, journalists, intellectuals and human rights activists of various electronic and print media were present.

Protesting the arrest of 20 Shibir activists unjustly from the Quran class in Brammonbaria district, in Bangladesh.

I organised (A London-based
expatriate Bangladeshi expatriate ‘Stand for Bangladesh’) a protest meeting on
Saturday, December 7th in Altab Ali Park, east London, to protest the arrest of
20 activists and unlawfully arrested from the Quran class in Brahmanbaria.

 I as a Chairman of the Stand
for Bangladesh, saying the government had chosen the path of oppression and
conspiracy by using state power by failing to address the student body

Police have unjustifiably arrested 45 Jamaat leaders and activists from a Picnic spot in Dinajpur. I am vehemently protesting and condemning the incident

These 45 Jamaat leaders and activists went to the ‘Shopnopuri’ Picnic spot, situated under Nababganj upazila of the Dinajpur district just for the purpose of entertainment and recreation. It was not a political program at all. But police arrested them to harass them politically. They have no reason to detain these innocent party leaders and activists.