Protesting the arrest of 20 Shibir activists unjustly from the Quran class in Brammonbaria district, in Bangladesh.

I organised (A London-based expatriate Bangladeshi expatriate ‘Stand for Bangladesh’) a protest meeting on Saturday, December 7th in Altab Ali Park, east London, to protest the arrest of 20 activists and unlawfully arrested from the Quran class in Brahmanbaria.

 I as a Chairman of the Stand for Bangladesh, saying the government had chosen the path of oppression and conspiracy by using state power by failing to address the student body ideologically.  On December 7, the police had unjustly arrested 20 activists from a mosque in Brahmanbaria without any reason.  Following the wrongful arrest, the police have spread the word of Jihadist book recaptured by innocent Shibir activists.  The arrests have been unfairly planned, as well as fully planned and arranged in their statement.  The Qur’an class was part of the regular program of the student body and the police got nothing illegal from there.  Nevertheless, Islamic books and Quranic hadiths of recognized publications of the country have been seized and tried to turn them into jihadist books.  Basically, the police have done this immoral and irresponsible behavior to undermine the image of the student body and to destroy the future of talented students.  This irresponsible behavior of the police towards innocent meritorious students is in no way acceptable.  The irresponsible behavior of the police in the program of the Quran class in a Muslim country is a matter of great shame and disappointment for the nation.  I strongly condemn and condemn these abominations.

I also said that many times in the past, police have arrested innocent activists of Shibir and staged various plays including jihadi books.  Which has been proved to be false over time and the police have received public condemnation for lying.  But police have not yet come out of the drama stage.  Thousands of students’ lives today are threatened by this inhumane irresponsibility of the police.  Which is not acceptable in any way.  I want to make it clear that Chhatra Shibir is a believer in idealistic organization and peaceful path.  In this vengeful joke of police, the education life of many talented students is in ruins. Finally, I demand immediate termination of this illegal activity.

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