I condemn the attack on the National Daily Sangram editor Abul Asad

I, Mohammad Mazharul Islam Bhayan have arranged an Intellectual Seminar on ‘Human Rights: Context Bangladesh’ was held on February 20, in the initiative of ‘Stand for Bangladesh, a London-based human rights organization founded by Bangladeshi migrant youth in the country.I have chaired as a chairman of Stand for Bangladesh. Besides, journalists, intellectuals and human rights activists of various electronic and print media were present. Organizing secretary Mohammad Masudul Hasan recited from the Holy Quran at the beginning of the seminar.

As a Chairman of Stand for Bangladesh, I said that currently in Bangladesh, there is no democracy, rule of law and human rights. On December 13, 2019, a senior veteran journalist and the daily Sangram editor Abul Assad was attacked by the barbaric Student League and terrorists of Muktijudda Moncho in his own office at Mogbazar. I said that the present generation has continued their struggle to give the country and nation an expected beautiful Bangladesh through relentless efforts to create a better political and social environment through the overall reform of the country. On the other hand, they must pay a hard price for it, in the wake of the present government party being tortured, disappeared, forced to emigrate and murdered by the police and their celebrated terrorist forces.I added that even before the Awami terrorists carried out a brutal attack on Mahmudur Rahman, acting editor of the Daily Amar Desh, and bleed him in the court in Bangladesh. But there has been no trial at all. These attacks have been carried out not only on a person or organization but on the entire media of the country. Freedom of expression and compulsion to leave and leave the country A one-party fascist government has been established with the ultimate destruction of the legal system. Sheikh Hasina as the head of the government cannot escape. Providing a legal and institutional barrier to forgiveness and freedom of expression in order to overcome this situation, I urged all, including expatriate Bangladeshi, to form a wider social movement.There were so many human rights activists who had participated in this programme and contributed until the end of the programme. I really appreciate their kind efforts towards our organization.

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