A protest meeting was held in London over the killing of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami activist by police in Bangladesh

On March 2, 2020, a Jamaat activist Hafez Nazrul Islam was shot dead in police custody in Amanulahpur village of Begamganj Upazila in Noakhali district in Bangladesh. On 05 March 2020, I in the initiative of London-based human rights organization ‘Stand for Bangladesh’, set up a protest meeting in east London.
I, Mohammad Mazharul Islam Bhayan have chaired as a Chairman of the organization. Besides, journalists, intellectuals and human rights activists of various electronic and print media were present. Mr Syed Zakaria recited the Holy Quran at the beginning of the protest meeting.
I, as a Chairman of Stand for Bangladesh, said that on 02 March 2020 Jamaat activist Hafez Nazrul Islam was arrested and shot dead in the darkness of night. Hafez Nazrul Islam was reportedly killed in crossfire in various media killing while in police custody is completely unjust and illegal.  I strongly condemn and condemn the killing. I do believe that this is the duty of the police to arrest and arrest any person for wrongdoing. It is the court’s responsibility to determine whether the arrested person is guilty or innocent in a judicial process. No one has a chance to plead guilty before the trial is completed.  
On 04 March 2020, police have arrested 20 women unjustly from a house in Kushtia. On the other hand, the police arrested the 6 students from a residential residence in Kurigram. The hostel vandalized the furniture and took away the books. The law and order of the state is the responsibility of the citizens to ensure the safety of their property. The police did not do so by seizing 20 women activist and three students from the discussion of the Quran and damaging their religious and civil rights.  The government leaders are engaged in wrongdoing and dishonest activities. At that moment, the government has arrested the women who participated in the teaching of the Qur’an for moral character. The government descended on the role of abolishing good deeds and establishing evil deeds in the country in Bangladesh. Those who have been arrested from the program of Quran teaching are also citizens of the country. False arrestation from any place in the Quran class is a kind of disease of the government. I demand immediate release the detained students.
I also said that the government violated the law and the court by shooting Hafez Nazrul Islam after arresting Hafez Nazrul Islam to silence the death of one of his supporters.  The law, constitution or court of Bangladesh has not given anyone the right to murder any person without trial. I urge the concerned authorities to take legal action against those who identify them by proper investigation involving the murder.
Finally, I demand a massive social movement and urge all expatriate Bangladeshis to join and engaged those kind of protest for the country.

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