Stand for Bangladesh is a non-political platform for the Human Rights activists living around the world. This organisation is only focusing on Bangladesh matters to bring peace in every sector such as politics and overall human rights issues. Stand for Bangladesh inspires the young generation and political leaders to keep the country from all the political oppression in the country. Stand for Bangladesh speaks to bring back the Democracy in the country as we are concerned overall Human Rights issues in Bangladesh. Stand for Bangladesh trying to establish the Rule of Law to make sure that every citizen in the country is safe and getting the Social Justice in Bangladesh.


We are Standing for Bangladesh. We work together to protect citizen whenever freedom, truth, dignity, justice and peace are denied. Stand for Bangladesh is a movement for the young generation to stand together against abuses, help to transform societies to create a safer place to live more just for the world.



The political condition in Bangladesh is complex and fully dominated by one political party which currently operating the country as a one-state country/ruler). There are four political organization in the country such as Bangladesh Awami League (BAL), Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami (BJI), and Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP). Surely there is unrest balanced political peace, no rights for the opposition, lack of proper checks-and-balances, lack of supremacy/democracy, improper rule of law and overall lack of human rights that are witnessed by the world at large which happening on daily basis.


Stand for Bangladesh is working for the people at large and searching the good works from the political parties’ and their activities if they can help for building a peaceful political environment in Bangladesh. Stand for Bangladesh campaign whenever and wherever any rights have been denied by the member of the state. Stand for Bangladesh also raises their voice if they see any human rights violation happens every corner as well as from the beginning the area Tekhnaf to the end Tetulia of the country. Stand for Bangladesh is really concerning the total human rights issues happening daily in Bangladesh.


Stand for Bangladesh is also speaking on Political oppressions by the political party and their wings. Stand for Bangladesh raising the voice against the forced disappearances, political violence in the educational institutions and politically motivated cases against the activists are the main areas to focus on. Stand for Bangladesh is also concerned with unfair medical treatment, women trafficking, child marriage and the violent environment by the political party are the most recent concerns which also increasing day by day in Bangladesh.